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Aerospace FAQ

What types of Smart aircraft products are offered?

We offer cabin windows, partitions, bulkheads, and mirrors

What do iShade aircraft windows do?

iShades allow you to instantly regulate light, glare and heat entering your aircraft windows. You can control your dimmable windows from fully clear to very dark, and to any level of tint in between. You simply push a button to electrically tune the tint of your window.

What are some of the benefits of Smart aircraft products?
  • Variable shading from clear to over 99.9% light blockage

  • Instant response time

  • Heat rejection maximized when aircraft parked on ramp

  • Control at each window, or cabin-wide master control for crew

  • 99.9% UV blockage to protect interiors

  • No moving parts

  • Lightweight substrates

What makes Smart aircraft products unique?

Smart dimmable window products offered by InspecTech are the only “smart windows” to offer instant switching, an extremely dark state, and unlimited “tuning” between clear and dark. In 2001, they became the world’s first dimmable aircraft windows. These windows are still in service, validating the superior durability of Smart aviation products over any other shading system. To this day, they remain the only dimmable window to receive certification under FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). In 2008, they became the first dimmable windows to fly on a commercial airline – and are now on all Qantas Airlines Airbus A380s.

Why are iShades better than other types of window shades?

iShades have no moving parts, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. They block more than 99.9% of harmful UV light, protecting the interior from fading. They default to their darkest possible state when the aircraft is on the ground, maximizing heat rejection and keeping interiors cooler. Operators have total light-control in their cabin, which increases passenger comfort and satisfaction. Smart products are fabricated by laminating film between substrates, which act as noise barriers, keeping cabins quieter.

How do iShades work?

iShades use films enclosed between thin plastic layers. Within the film are microscopic particles. When no electrical voltage is present, the particles absorb light and block it from passing through the film. When an electrical voltage is applied, the particles align so that light can pass through. Adjusting the voltage to the film provides a range of transparencies (i.e. very dark to fully clear) where light transmission can be rapidly varied to any degree desired depending upon preference or pre-programmed requirements.

How dark, and how clear, do iShades get?

iShades can achieve over 99.9% light blockage – almost all incoming visible light is blocked. The same window can be optically transparent – clearer than the average aircraft window. Adjustment of the voltage to a Smart aircraft window allows users to choose an infinite number of tinting levels between these points.

How fast do iShades switch from clear to dark and back?

A complete switching cycle of iShades, from fully clear to fully dark, and then back to fully dark, occurs in just a few seconds. 

Can iShades provide complete privacy?

Yes. InspecTech offers the APD film technology capable of providing complete privacy on-demand with the push of a button.

Will iShades discolor from exposure to the sun?

No. The products offered by InspecTech include optical interlayers that block more than 99.9% of UV light. This protects the iShades from discoloring – and also protects aircraft interiors’ materials from fading.

Can the pilot override the iShade settings?


Will the windows be dark as people enter or leave the aircraft, if power is not on?

No. InspecTech offer systems that enable the iShades to be clear upon boarding, and remain clear upon disembarking.

Will the use of iShades affect the aircraft electronics?

No. Contact InspecTech for details.

On which windows can Smart aircraft windows be installed?

Smart dimmable windows can be installed on all cabin windows, including the Emergency Exit Window. Interior partitions, such as those dividing the cockpit and the cabin, also can be equipped with larger Smart aircraft window panels.

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