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What types of Smart marine products are offered today?

Smart marine products include windows, skylights, portholes, doors, partitions and mirrors

What do Smart marine products do?

The Smart marine products make boating and sailing more enjoyable experiences. Because Smart marine products are able to quickly and precisely adapt to changing operating conditions and user needs, it now is possible to have a single glazing offer many benefits – shading, privacy, view preservation, glare control, UV rejection and control over solar heat gain.

What are some of the benefits of Smart marine products?

Products using SPD and APD technology provide significant benefits to end-users, including:


  • Eliminate blinds and shades

  • Enjoy sleek and luxurious interior designs

  • Reduce daytime and nighttime views

  • Preserve Views

  • Block unwanted heat, light and glare

  • Enjoy greater privacy and increased security

  • Protect interior furnishings and artwork from fading

  • Responds quickly and automatically to varying operating conditions

  • Reduce the need for multiple types of glass

What makes Smart marine products unique?

There are many features of Smart marine products that make them unique. They are fast-switching and provide levels of shading and privacy. In addition to regulating the amount of visible light entering a boat or yacht, these products also block 99% of harmful UV light at all times and help minimize onboard heat build-up. This provides more comfortable boating and sailing experiences, and it also can improve operating efficiency. Compared to conventional window treatments, Smart marine glazings are sleek, aesthetically inspired, and require very little maintenance.

Why are Smart marine windows better than other types of window shades?

Conventional window shades are space-consuming, view-blocking, dust-collecting, prone to malfunction and do not adapt well to changing environmental conditions and user needs. Smart marine windows, portholes, partitions and other products offer an unparalleled combination of form and function. As sleek as a standard window and just as easy to clean, these dynamic glazings provide shading and privacy, reduce glare, preserve views on-demand, block 99% of harmful UV light at all times, and can be controlled manually or automatically. Best of all, they are instantly responsive to changing operating conditions and user preferences.

Marine FAQ

How do Smart marine windows work?

Smart products are made with SPD and APD film technology. Within this film are millions of randomly oriented microscopic particles. When no electrical voltage is present, the particles absorb light and block it from passing through the film. When an electrical voltage is applied, the particles align so that light can pass through. By regulating the voltage, users instantly regulate the amount of light, glare and heat coming through products such as windows.

Is there a more technical description of how Smart marine windows control light?

The SPD film layer in Smart architectural products is called a “light valve.” Within the film are millions of microscopic particles. The particles are randomly oriented due to Brownian motion and absorb over 99% of visible light hitting the window. When an electrical voltage is applied, the particles align and light passes through the window. Adjusting the voltage adjusts the orientation of the particles, which regulates the tint of the glazing and the amount of light transmitted.

How quickly can Smart marine products change their light-control properties?

Smart products change their light-transmission properties in 1-3 seconds and they do this for glazings of any size. Thus, in just a few seconds, you can adjust the tint of your Smart window to any level you want.

How many light-control levels are offered by Smart marine products?

Infinite. Similar to how a dimmer switch regulates the brightness of a light, by simply adjusting the voltage to the Smart product, you quickly and precisely “tune” the tint to any level you want.

How do Smart marine products help protect interiors and artwork from fading and degradation?

Interior furnishings and artwork can be highly susceptible to damage from excessive light-exposure. This damage is irreversible. Smart marine products offer extraordinary protection in a number of ways. First, they block 99% of harmful UV light at all times. Fading and degradation also is caused by visible light, and Smart windows can block up to 99.5% of visible light in an instant. In addition, solar heat also causes fading and degradation. The variable tint property of Smart glazings allows for optimal protection of furnishings and artwork from visible light, and it also effectively manages the heat transferred through windows, offering even more protection.

What type of power source do Smart marine products require, and how much power do they use?

Smart marine products are powered using AC voltage. In DC-powered environments, a simple converter (CHECK) is typically installed just before the glazings. All Smart products require very little energy to operate and typically draw about 1.8 milli amps of power per square foot.

Can Smart marine products provide complete privacy?

Yes. InspecTech offers APD film technology capable of providing complete privacy on-demand with the push of a button.

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